Welcome to the CHS Clubs, Organizations/Activities, and Sponsors page. Here you will find descriptions of the organizations and the sponsors. If you have a question or comment for the sponsor of an organization, click their name to email or you can call:
918-358-2210 ext 500


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Holly Rhoads for MS and Dale Anderson for HS)
To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
Too Much Too Lose (2M2L) -
A statewide initiative focused on reducing and preventing underage drinking through law enforcement efforts community and social norms change, and youth leadership.
Business Professionals of America (Curtis Buller)
To expose students to opportunities in the world of business through conferences, workshops and community service.
Academic Team (Jory Snyder)
Provide the opportunity for students to participate in area scholastic competitions.
Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)
(Chad Marchino)
For students that wish to develop leadership skills and job skills that are used in the world of healthcare employment.
Student Council (Jerry Hays)
To raise standards in our school by raising school spirit and morale. To be an example to fellow students by showing respect to ourselves, our classmates and staff.
Foreign Language
(Rebekah Edens)
To expose students to different cultures around the world.
National Honor Society
(Machelle Childress)
A nationwide organization throughout the United States. Selection is based on service, leadership, scholarship and character. Members must have a 3.60 overall GPA, maintain their GPA, and are required to participate in school and community activities and uphold both the character and scholarship standards by which they were selected.
Future Farmers of America
(Paul Fuss)
A national organization that is the largest youth organization in the world. It teaches leadership skills through an agricultural setting, and teaches its members the importance of agriculture locally, statewide, and nationally.
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
(Tami Ward)
To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family & Consumer Science Education.
Fellowship, Inspire, Share, Hook (F.I.S.H.)
(David Head)
Student lead Christian outreach to fellow students
Drama ()
Provides experience in preparing and performing various types of literature and original writings for an audience. Students practice voice techniques, physical movements, and expressions that enhance communication. They learn responsibilities in running an actual performance onstage and gain confidence in public speaking and performing.
(Lana Ingalls for Yearbook and Zach Lehnus for Newspaper)
These video classes provide students with the important responsibilities of creating a visual and written record of activities, events, trends, and people involved in the current school year. It also gives them experience in all aspects of running a small business that deals with funding, creating, and selling a product to a consumer. Students practice photography, various computer graphics, arts, and video software programs and learn the basic tenets of journalism.
Cheerleading Sponsors
H.S. Football: Suzanne Stowe
H.S. Basketball: Amy Stump
H.S. & M.S. Wrestling: Dawn Luman
Freshman Football/Basketball:
Queen Coronations
Football: Anne Sharp
Basketball: Amy Stump
Wrestling: Lana Ingalls
Department Heads
Vocational: Paul Fuss
Math:Craig Ellis
Science: Dawn Luman
Social Studies: Daniel Brimmer
English: Becky Smith
Senior Class Sponsors
Head Sponsor: Becky Smith (trip, video, graduation/baccalaureate
Assistant Head: Rebekah Edens, Tami Ward, Trish Hamilton


Junior Class Sponsors
Head Sponsor: Dan Reeves
Prom Head: Machelle Childress
Prom Assistant: Sheila Jimison
Prom Workers: Jerry Hays, Bao Yang, Jory Snyder, Shane Page, Burgess Shaw, Nick Johnson, William Doty, Daniel Whitehead, Zach Lehnus, and Bo Watters.
Sophmore Sponsor
Head Sponsor: Marc Langer
Freshman Sponsor
Head Sponsor: Dawn Luman

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