Welcome to Cleveland Public Schools' Athletics. Here you will find team schedules, the Athletic Department directory and links to all necessary forms that a CHS athlete would need. If you have any questions, contact:

Dale Anderson, Athletic Director:
918-358-2210 ext 502; or

Joe Cole, Asst. Athletic Director:
918-358-2210 ext 404

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2015-2016 High School Schedules
Band Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf
Powerlifting Softball Slow Pitch Softball Track Wrestling  
2015-2016 Middle School Schedules
Baseball Basketball Football Softball Slow Pitch Softball Track Wrestling


Athletic Department Directory
Mike Allen Head HS Coach
David Reisner Asst. HS Coach
Michael Arnold Head MS Coach

Boy's Basketball
Daniel Brimmer Head Coach, HS and 9th
Michael Arnold Asst. Coach, 8th Head Coach

Girl's Basketball
Kayla Allen Head Coach
Jeremy McKinney Asst. Coach HS, 7th Head Coach
Scott Belcher 8th Head Coach
Holly Rhoads 9th Head Coach

Cross Country
Rebekah Edens Head Coach

Chad Marchino HS Head Coach
Jonathan Stowe HS Offensive Coordinator, 7th Head Coach
Shane Page HS Defensive Coordinator, 9th Grade Asst. Coach
Bo Waters 8th Grade Head Coach
Bryan Till 7th Grade Asst. Coach
Burgess Shaw HS Asst. Coach, 7th Grade Asst. Coach
Samy Mack 8th Grade Asst. Coach
David Reisner HS Asst. Coach, 8th Grade Asst. Coach

Daniel Brimmer Head Coach Boys
Kayla Allen Head Coach Girls
Offseason/ Conditioning/ Powerlifting
Chad Marchino Head Coach
Shane Page Asst. Coach

Softball (includes Slow Pitch Softball in Spring 2017)
Mike Allen Head Coach
Aaron Espolt Asst. Coach
Ron Ward Head Coach HS Slow Pitch
Holly Rhoads 7th and 8th Head Coach (includes Slow Pitch)
Scott Belcher 7th and 8th Asst. Coach

Shane Page Head Coach, HS
Jonathan Stowe Asst. Coach, HS
Rebekah Edens Asst. Coach, HS
Bryan Till Head Coach, 8th Grade Boys
Scott Belcher Head Coach, 8th Grade Girls
Samy Mack Head Coach, 7th Grade Boys
Rachel Williams Head Coach, 7th Grade Girls

Josh Cunningham Head Coach, HS
Bo Watters Asst. Coach, HS
Bryan Till Head Coach, MS
Burgess Shaw Asst. Coach, MS


Athletic Handbook
Student Athletic Signature Forms
Student Insurance Information
Fans Code of Conduct
CPS Athletic Emergency Action Plan
Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Forms
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