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  Mike Allen mikeallen@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Social Studies
Dale Anderson rodgeranderson@clevelandtigers.com Athletic Director
Michael Arnold michaelarnold@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Social Studies
Alan Baker alanbaker@clevelandtigers.com Principal
  Bonnie Bart bonniebart@clevelandtigers.com Language Arts
Daniel Brimmer danielbrimmer@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Social Studies
Curtis Buller curtisbuller@clevelandtigers.com Business Education
Donna Casey donnacasey@clevelandtigers.com Instrumental Music
Machelle Childress machellechildress@clevelandtigers.com Math
  Tara Cummings   Food Service
Josh Cunningham joshcunningham@clevelandtigers.com Athletics, Language Arts, and Alternative Education
Terri Day terriday@clevelandtigers.com Computer Lab
  Rosy Delgado   Food Service
  Susan Dennis   Food Clerk
Wiilam Doty williamdoty@clevelandtigers.com Alternative Education and Social Studies
Rebekah Edens rebekahedens@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Spanish
Craig Ellis craigellis@clevelandtigers.com Math
Paul Fuss paulfuss@clevelandtigers.com Agricultural Education
  Kathy Goswick kathygoswick@clevelandtigers.com Secretary
Trish Hamilton trishhamilton@clevelandtigers.com Math
Sandy Harper sandyharper@clevelandtigers.com High School Secretary
  Jerry Hays jerryhays@clevelandtigers.com Science and Chemistry
  Lana Ingalls lanaingalls@clevelandtigers.com Language Arts and Yearbook
Sheila Jimison sheilajimison@clevelandtigers.com Language Arts
  Nick Johnson nickjohnson@clevelandtigers.com Instrumental Music
Beverly Kinman beverlykinman@clevelandtigers.com Math
Marc Langer marclanger@clevelandtigers.com Language Arts
Zach Lehnus zachlehnus@clevelandtigers.com Social Studies and Journalism
  Grace Lucas   Food Service
Dawn Luman dawnluman@clevelandtigers.com Science
Chad Marchino chadmarchino@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Science
Stacey Marchino staceymarchino@clevelandtigers.com Counselor
Mark McArthur markmcarthur@clevelandtigers.com Assistant Principal
  Shane Page shanepage@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Business Education
Dan Reeves danreeves@clevelandtigers.com Financial Literacy, General Business, and Photography
Kendra Richmond kendrarichmond@clevelandtigers.com Paraprofessional
Norma Robertson normarobertson@clevelandtigers.com School Nurse
  Anne Sharp annesharp@clevelandtigers.com Alternative Education
  Burgess Shaw burgessshaw@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Language Arts
Becky Smith beckysmith@clevelandtigers.com Language Arts
Amy Stump amystump@clevelandtigers.com Math
  Jory Snynder jorysnyder@clevelandtigers.com Science
  Ron Ward ronward@clevelandtigers.com Counselor
Tami Ward tamiward@clevelandtigers.com Family & Consumer Science
  Bo Watters bowatters@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Social Studies
Daniel Whitehead danielwhitehead@clevelandtigers.com Vocal Music
  Bao Yang baoyang@clevelandtigers.com Art
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