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918-358-2210 ext 400.


Kayla Allen kaylaallen@clevelandtigers.com Science
  Amber Bartley   Food Service
Sol Bayouth solbayouth@clevelandtigers.com Principal
Scott Belcher scottbelcher@clevelandtigers.com Social Studies and Science
  Jenny Bolin   Food Service Clerk
  Kaylee Brimmer Language Arts
Karin Brisbin karinbrisbin@clevelandtigers.com Math
Shelly Buller shellybuller@clevelandtigers.com Counselor
  Carol Carmichael   Food Service
Donna Casey donnacasey@clevelandtigers.com Instrumental Music
  John Chambers johnchambers@clevelandtigers.com Physical Education and Health
  Sharon Dennis sharondennis@clevelandtigers.com Math
  Jordan DeRoin jordanderoin@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Health
  Cynthia Dresback cynthiadresback@clevelandtigers.com Language Arts
  Craig Ellis craigellis@clevelandtigers.com Vice Principal
  Karlie Eshelman   Food Service
Steven Firey stevenfirey@clevelandtigers.com Social Studies
  Martin Flores   Food Service Delivery
  Karen Glenn   Food Service Manager
April Imler aprilimler@clevelandtigers.com Librarian
  Nick Johnson nickjohnson@clevelandtigers.com Instrumental Music
  Samy Mack samymack@clevelandtigers.com Social Studies and Physical Education
Melanie McKinney melaniemckinney@clevelandtigers.com Special Education
  Cindy Proctor cindyproctor@clevelandtigers.com Food Service Director
Suzanne Randolph Stowe suzannerandolph@clevelandtigers.com Language Arts
Holly Rhoads hollyrhoads@clevelandtigers.com Math
Norma Robertson normarobertson@clevelandtigers.com School Nurse
Ben Roe benroe@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Science
Stephanie Price stephanieprice@clevelandtigers.com Math
Kendra Richmond kendrarichmond@clevelandtigers.com Secretary / Library
Karen Sizemore karensizemore@clevelandtigers.com Secretary
Kim Stewart kimberlystewart@clevelandtigers.com Special Education
  Lauren Stanley laurenstanley@clevelandtigers.com Science
  Jonathan Stowe jonathanstowe@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Social Studies
  Bryan Till bryantill@clevelandtigers.com Athletics and Social Studies
Angela Tucker angelatucker@clevelandtigers.com Reading
Jennifer White jenniferwhite@clevelandtigers.com Social Studies
Daniel Whitehead danielwhitehead@clevelandtigers.com Vocal Music
  Rachel Williams rachelwilliams@clevelandtigers.com Special Education
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