House Bill 2698 is a law that relates to public bodies including school districts. This bill requires public schools to make available on their web site any statutes affecting the public body and its operation and any statutes the public may find useful in interacting with the public body. A copy of the bill is linked below.
In accordance with this new legislation, Cleveland Public Schools is happy to provide useful links to current legislation, the State Department of Education, Oklahoma State Legislature websites, and the United States House of Representatives and Senate websites. We hope this information is helpful to our community.
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OK House Bill 2698 - House Bill 2698 - Government Web Site Information Act: An Act relating to state government; creating the Oklahoma Government Website Information Act; requiring public bodies to make certain information available on its website
Oklahoma School Law Book - 2014

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The Governor's Office - The Web site of Governor Mary Fallin, the 27th governor of the state of Oklahoma. We hope you will take a moment to learn more about the governor's office and the great state of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Legislature Home Page - The LSB Web site includes legislative bill tracking information, copies of all versions of bills including committee reports, daily agendas, meeting notices, calendars, and an array of useful information. This information is available on the Web site earlier than it is available in hard copy.
United States House of Representatives
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