Welcome to the Cleveland Primary School and Early Childhood Directory. To email a staff member click the email address. To view a staff member's web site, click the name of the staff member. If you need to speak to a staff member call:
918-358-2210 ext 700.


  Sarah Allen sarahallen@clevelandtigers.com Speech Pathologist
  Terri Applegate terriapplegate@clevelandtigers.com 2nd Grade
  Pam Basile Food Service
Libby Bayouth libbybayouth@clevelandtigers.com Kindergarten
  Shawna Beaty shawnabeaty@clevelandtigers.com Computer Lab
  Kelli Callahan kellicallahan@clevelandtigers.com 1st Grade
  Carol Collins   Food Service
  Leslie Collins   Food Service
  Amy Compton amycompton@clevelandtigers.com 2nd Grade
  Brenda Ellis brendaellis@clevelandtigers.com 1st Grade
  Liz Espolt lizespolt@clevelandtigers.com 1st Grade
  Raquel Frazier raquelfrazier@clevelandtigers.com 2nd Gade
  Brittany Fulton brittanyfulton@clevelandtigers.com 1st Grade
Kathy Fuss kathyfuss@clevelandtigers.com 1st Grade
  Amber Gile ambergile@clevelandtigers.com Pre-Kindergarten
  Sue Goza suegoza@clevelandtigers.com Occupational Therapist
  Madison Green madisongreen@clevelandtigers.com Music
  Sarah Hanna sarahhanna@clevelandtigers.com Secretary / Duty Asst.
  Amy Hays amyhays@clevelandtigers.com Kindergarten
  Melanie Henley melaniehenley@clevelandtigers.com Special Education
  Michelle Hickson michellehickson@clevelandtigers.com Kindergarten
  Erron Kauk erronkauk@clevelandtigers.com Asst. Principal
  Susan Keeler susankeeler@clevelandtigers.com Kindergarten
  Kelsey Lester kelseylester@clevelandtigers.com Teacher Asst.
  Leticia Lester leticialester@clevelandtigers.com Teacher Asst.
  Brenda McCormick brendamccormick@clevelandtigers.com 2nd Grade
  Holly McCormick hollymccormick@clevelandtigers.com 2nd grade
Connie Moore conniemoore@clevelandtigers.com 1st Grade
  Gwyn Pogue gwynpogue@clevelandtigers.com Teacher Asst.
  Kellie Potts kelliepotts@clevelandtigers.com Pre-Kindergarten
  Angela Ragland angelaragland@clevelandtigers.com Principal
  Cathy Ray cathyray@clevelandtigers.com Pre-Kindergarten
Norma Robertson normarobertson@clevelandtigers.com School Nurse
  Kelli Sloan kellisloan@clevelandtigers.com Pre-Kindergarten
  Kim Smith kimberlysmith@clevelandtigers.com Pre-K Aide
Sandina Stallard sandinastallard@clevelandtigers.com Reading Specialist
  Dixie Torres dixietorres@clevelandtigers.com Kindergarten
Tonya Trundle tonyatrundle@clevelandtigers.com Custodian
  Valerie Vaughan valerievaughan@clevelandtigers.com Secretary
  Karen Worley   Custodian
Slade Young sladeyoung@clevelandtigers.com Physical Education

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